Local time: 07:55 pm
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Novi Sad, Srbija

67 km od Aerodroma Nikola Tesla...


Matea Košutić

The first thing that comes to mind about this host is that they are very friendly and helpful. They offered to pick us up if we were coming by the train or the bus and gave us all kinds of tips about the place: where we can eat near the apartment, where is the closest bus station and supermarket, which taxis to use.. They took us to the police to register and with their help we got it done painlessly and in no time. The apartment we stayed in was cozy and clean and had everything we asked for. If it lacked something, Zare would bring it as soon as possible. Wi-Fi connection was great, we could watch movies, talk over the phone or download anything without problems. Also, the hosts give you your privacy. If you need help, they are open to help you anytime, but if you want to be left alone, they won’t bother you.